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Last month, our dog welcomed me when I came home from school. He wanted a walk, but I was too tired. I threw down my bag and went to the living room. The minute I sat down in front of the TV, my mom came over.
“Could you please take the dog for a walk?” she asked. “Could I watch one show first?” I asked. “No!” she replied angrily. “You watch TV all the time and never help out around the house! I can't work all day and do housework all evening.” “Well, I work all day at school, too! I'm just as tired as you are!” I shouted back. My mom did not say anything and walked away. For one week, she did not do any housework and neither did I.

(中学篇)2017年第09期:英语学科思维品质的培养——以一节高中英语阅读课为例(山东:陈元宝、袁雪芹 )一文涉及的教学内容

Rebuilding a Bridge
David and Roy decided to go for a bicycle ride with three other students: Robert, Helen and Betty. But Robert's father couldn't afford to buy a bike for him. So they were going to borrow one for him.
The students had planned to meet at 8 o'clock. But Robert, Helen and Betty were half an hour late, for they had to come a long way since they found the bridge over the stream had been washed away.
When they told the bad news to David and Roy, David said nothing and kept silent for a moment.

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A Father and a Son阅读课教学设计
江苏南京外国语学校   费晨  


The Shortest Player in the NBA
Spud Webb was born in Texas, the USA, in 1963. He was very small—much smaller than the other kids at school. However, he had a big dream—he wanted to play in the NBA.
While attending junior high, Spud tried out for the school team, but he was refused at first because he was too small. He did not lose heart. When he finally got the chance, he scored 20 points in his first game. From then on, he was the star of the team. 
In senior high, Spud often had to sit in the stands because of his height.


Points of View
Are TV commercials for children bad or good? Read this opinion article from a newspaper, followed by cuttings from the Letters to the Editor (编辑) section, to see both sides.
A. Little Spenders are Big Spenders
The latest target for TV commercials is Asia's fastest growing consumer group — children. Asian families are getting smaller and wealthier, and Asian children are watching more TV.


1. 教学文本原文
To Sue or Not to Sue? 
—— The Rise and Rise of the Compensation Culture
Imagine on your way out of class today you trip on a loose piece of carpet and twist your ankle. As a result of the injury, you lose your place in the local sports team, and have to miss an important job interview. Bad luck? Just one of those things?


【编者按】我刊2016年开设了《高中英语优秀教学课例》 栏目,刊登了一系列高中英语优秀课例,受到了很多读者的欢迎。 为了满足广大读者的需求,促进高中英语教学中优秀教学设计理念和教学方法的交流,本栏目将继续刊登来自全国各地的高中英语优秀教学课例,其中包括2016年11月18日~21日由中国教育学会外语教学专业委员会在重庆举办的第十届高中英语课堂教学观摩培训会上获奖的课例,旨在为高中英语教师提供教学思路和方法的借鉴。
朗文教材Cutting Edge (Intermediate)Module 11 To Sue or Not to Sue教学设计
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