About us | 期刊介绍

 Foreign Language Teaching in Schools (FLTS) is published by the School of Foreign Languages and Literature of Beijing Normal University, under the supervision of China’s Ministry of Education. Its ISSN is 1002-6541, and the domestic license number is CN11-1318/G4. The readers are mainly primary and secondary school English teachers.

FLTS disseminates theoretical and practical research on English teaching in primary and secondary schools and strives to provide readers with high-quality papers that present new ideas and methods of English teaching.

FLTS has a middle school edition and a primary school edition, which are published on the 3rd and 18th of each month respectively. It publishes research on key topics in the field of English teaching and learning in schools, including foreign language teaching practice, foreign language pedagogy, language assessment, teacher development, curriculum reform and textbook analysis. FLTS invites contribution which reflects on current, cutting edge theory and practice in English teaching and learning.

The former and current editors of FLTS are all experts in the field of foreign language teaching and research, including Yang Mai, Ma Junming, Yi Jingyu, Yi Daizhao, Zhao Qun and Cheng Xiaotang (the current editor). 





《中小学外语教学》包括中学篇和小学篇,分别于每月3 日和18 日出版。